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May 11, 2021

GET INVOLVED: Voice your concerns about changes to the U.S. drinking guidelines that are not grounded in sound science.

For decades, U.S. government advice on diet and health have included evidence-based guidelines for moderate alcohol consumption for adults who choose to drink.  In this year’s update, a small group of academics are proposing to dramatically change the definition and label any adult American man who chooses to have two drinks at dinner or while watching a game an excessive drinker. Yet, only one study reviewed by these academics even looked at the difference between one and two drinks for men. 

Dozens of leading experts oppose changing the definition of moderate drinking and have warned the Trump administration that the proposal ignores decades of science.  The President is clearly getting bad advice that defies sound science and common sense. 

There’s still time to ask the President and your Congressional representatives to reject this unscientific proposal to change the definition of moderate drinking. Click here to let your voice be heard!

Read and share the latest news about the proposal:

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